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They say big things come in small packages and I am no exception to that rule. 5' 2" and 101 pounds of fun sized sweetness! I am freshly 22 and a full-time college student. I am eager to learn and explore, meet new people and feed my mind. I want to see the sights in new cities, and find things I never knew in places I've been a million times.  I am a lover of animals and adventure. Good food, and great people. Abundant sunshine and snow. Most of all, I love creating new memories. 

Will you embark on this voyage with me? You came this far, looks like that decision has already been made...

Name: Kylie Peyton
Main City: Las Vegas, NV
Sex: Female
Measurements: 32DD-26-28
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 101 lbs
Race/Ethnic: White
Age: 22
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Smokes?: No



1 HOUR - Introduction - 800

90 MIN - Engagement - 1200

2 HOUR - Intimate Engagement - 1400

3 HOUR - Drinks at the Bar - 2000

4 HOUR - Dinner & Dessert - 2500

6 HOUR - Blissful evening - 3500

12 HOUR - Slumber Party - 6000

24 HOUR - A Day & Night - 8500

48 HOURS - Weekend fun - 13,000

72 HOURS - Extended Weekend - 17,000


1 HOUR - Couples - 1400

2 HOUR - Couples - 2200

1 HOUR - Duet - 1400

2 HOUR - Duet - 2200


12 Hour Minimum booking required. Airfare and travel expenses are covered by you. If the FMTY is not a 12 hour overnight then you are responsible for my 4/5 star hotel accomodation. 


Due to the pandemic, I require 48 hours cancellation notice for engagements of up to 2 hours in duration and 72 hours notice for engagements longer than 2 hours in duration. Cancellations after this time will require a 50% fee via e-gift Card, Cashapp or Venmo. If you no-show or cancel within 36 hours then a 100% fee will be required if you wish to re-book with me in the future.

While on Tour, I require 72 hours notice for all cancellations or a 50% fee is required. Cancellations with less than 36 hours notice required a 100% fee.

There is a zero cancellation policy for Overnight appointments. Once those are booked, there is a 100% cancellation fee plus travel expenses, regardless of when it was canceled.

Deposits are not refundable unless I am the one who has to cancel. If your cancellation fee is greater than the deposit you sent, then you will owe the difference.

Unpaid cancellation fees will result in the distribution of all your information to numerous online black lists. 


Outcalls outside of Las Vegas require an additional $200 fee and must be minimum 3 hours in duration.

My roundtrip UBER must also be covered for all outcalls.


If you are late, the first 5 minutes will be extended as a courtesy. Any additional time that you are late will come out of our session. For example if you are 30 minutes late for an 1 hour appointment, you will receive 35 minutes. You would expect the same policy from your massage therapist, personal trainer or other hourly professionals, so please be on time. 


•In Date extensions when availabe are $1000/HR.

•I require 6 Hours of uninterrupted sleep on 24 hour overnights and 5 hours sleep on 12 hour overnights.

•Engagements 3 hours or longer require time outside the room. If you can't leave the room or want to stay in the entire duration, then please add $100 to each hour booked. 



Talking about money ruins the mood, so please don't. Additionally, I never discuss the details of our time together. Not before the appointment, not during the appointment and not even after our appointment.

My consideration should be in a plain envelope (although bright red will suffice!) and presented discreetly within the first 5 minutes of me arriving at my destination. When meeting in public please hand me the consideration in a gift card or bag. If you want to get creative, a book is a nice touch, too!

For engagements 3 hours or longer a 20% deposit is required via Venmo,  Cashapp or E-gift card.

Engagements 12 hours or longer require a 30% to 50% deposit depending on the location and duration.

Morning appointments before 11am require a $150 deposit.



Clean, fresh-smelling gentlemen exude a magic over the opposite sex. Science has shown that a woman's sense of smell is far greater than that of their male counterpart. This advanced function of the female means that she appreciates a fresh groomed and clean smelling gentleman. Obversely, it also means she dislikes foul smells even less! Before meeting me always ensure you are freshly groomed. It only takes 10 minutes to brush your teeth and take a shower. It can take me 10 times that long to prepare myself for you.

Personal hygiene not only relates to the client but also the abode, whether personal residence or hotel. If where we are meeting is not clean and respectable then I will vacate the premises immediately.

On Tour


Las Vegas, NV is my Home Base. I am almost always available in Vegas except for the specified dates below when I am on tour.

Scottsdale, AZ - January 13 to 15

Austin, TX - January 16 to 18

New Orleans, LA - January 19 to 22

Kansas City, MO - January 23 & 24

Minneapolis, MN - January 25 & 26

Dallas, TX - February 16 to 18

Washington DC - February 19 to 23

Minneapolis, MN - February 24 to 26

Chicago, IL - February 27 to March 1

Los Angeles, CA - March 14 to 16

San Francisco, CA - March 17 to 19

Portland, OR - March 20 & 21

Denver, CO - March 22 to 24

Salt Lake City, UT - March 25 & 26

Detroit, MI - April 11 to 13

Columbus, OH - April 14 & 15

Charlotte, NC - April 16 & 17

Orlando, FL - April 18 to 20

Atlanta, GA - April 21 & 22

New Orleans, LA - April 23 to 25

Houston, TX - May 9 to 11

Washington DC - May 12 to 14

Chicago, IL - May 16 to 18

Minneapolis, MN - May 19 & 20

Scottsdale, AZ - June 14 & 15

Austin, TX - June 16 to 18

Dallas, TX - June 19 & 20

Denver, CO - June 21 & 22

San Francisco, CA - June 23 to 25

Houston, TX - July 10 to 12

New Orleans, LA - August 4 & 5

Orlando, FL - August 6 & 7

Charlotte, NC - August 8 & 9

Washington DC - August 10 to 12

Columbus, OH - August 13 & 14

Chicago, IL - August 15 & 16

Kansas City, MI - August 19 & 20

Minneapolis, MN - August 21 to 24


Gifts are never expected, but are greatly appreciated!

Click on the links below to enter the page to my desired wish...

Sephora E Gift Card

Agent Provocateur E Gift Card

Chanel Large Classic Handbag (Black)


You may email me at KyliePeytonVIP@gmail.com or send a message below.

Be sure to follow me on TWITTER @KyliePeytonVIP

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